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If you have been doing any kind of software development you are familiar with the bug bash concept in one way or another, even though you may call it something else. …

Also, why you should STOP using isNaN and what to use instead

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NaN is a global property that represents the value of Not-A-Number, hence the name. It is possible to get the value NaN returned when doing an arithmetic operation or coercing some value to a number. Here are some operations that result in NaN

A safer and more ergonomic way to write code to access object properties

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If you have been following TypeScript releases recently you already know that Optional Chaining and Nullish Coalescing were introduced in TypeScript 3.7. They are both part upcoming features of the JavaScript and as of the time of publishing this piece, they are at stage 4 and stage 3 respectively.


At Tubi, we use React with Redux for all our HTML5 apps. They include the evident web, both mobile & desktop, as well as our HTML5 version of OTT (Over The Top) apps. Some of the OTT platforms you can find Tubi on are Amazon Fire TV, PlayStation 3 &…

Sam Sedighian

Software Engineer @LinkedIn. Formerly @Tubi

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